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Rays are 1st place so far, but no support from fans

So far the Tampa Bay Rays have been 1st place this whole season and been playing some good games but their fans won’t support them. It’s just confusing, where are the rays getting their encouragement? Would encouragement make you play better and with out cheers the rays can still play just fine. The rays are continuing their streak with going on ahead with no fan support.

Indoor fun on a snowy day



When there’s nothing to do on a cold winters night there’s some options of the top of my head: play the games dominoes, or build a domino chain. I was building a chain of dominoes the other night and I came up with 2 different ways of wanting to set it up(as shown above). The only bad part about building the domino chain is that it takes multiple times to try setting it up and a long time too with just a 10 second fall of the dominoes. The good part is during building the chain, you’re able to tell if you’re dominoes work when they fall when trying to set it up. The game dominoes is fun to play to if you know how and its not that hard to learn. So whether or not you build a chain of dominoes or play the game, have fun either way you use the dominoes.

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