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Bottom of the 20th

When I was watching t.v. late at night yesterday, I happened to be flipping the channels at I saw the 10 o’clock news but it wasn’t the news that was on, it was a long overtime baseball game between the New York Mets and the St. Louis Cardinals. It was bottom of the 16th inning and I notice it was a tie game, 0 – 0.

It just so happened to catch my attention of watching a late overtime game and seeing that the game time was a whole 6 hours and a half before it ended. While I was watching the announcers had told us 3 things you could do in under 3 hours, fly from Miami to Seattle, cook a 12 – 18 lbs turkey, and watch the 6 last episodes of 24.

The game finally got a score in the 19th inning one for each team and then in the 20th, the Mets score again and win the game it was a long game, sort of like 3 games for the price of one!

Week 14 for the teams

Yesterday the Bucs played the Jets and only scored 1 field goal while the jets scored 26 easily.

The Steelers played the Browns and ended up witha score of 6-13.

The Saints played the Falcons and played a great game ending it with 26-23, Saints.

The Packers played the Bears and the Packers won the game with a touchdown ahead of the Bears 21-14.

The Dolphins played the Jaguars in a tight game leaving the Jaguars victorious 14-10.

The Patriots played the Panthers and won another game 20-10.

The Titans played the Rams leaving them in the dust with a score of 47-7.

The Chargers played the Cowboys winning by 1 field goal and ended 20-17.

And the Cardinals are scheduled to play the 49ers at San Francisco.

These are just some of the teams that played yesterday.

Please continue to check on my reviews and comment on anything you want.

Some easy wins, bad losses, and tight games

Yesterday the Cardinals played the Vikings and finaled a score of 30-17, Cardinals.

The Patriots played the Dolphins and lost to a 22-21 game.

The Steelers and Raiders played it out on the field and ended a score of 27-24, Raiders.

The Bucs played the Panthers and lost again for the 11th time this season 16-6.

The Saints played the Redskins and ended up with a score of 33-30, Saints.

The Broncos played the Chiefs and won by a long shot 44-13.

The Falcons played the Eagles and lost badly 34-7.

The Rams played the Bears and both teams didn’t score much but ended 17-9, Bears.

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