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Bottom of the 20th

When I was watching t.v. late at night yesterday, I happened to be flipping the channels at I saw the 10 o’clock news but it wasn’t the news that was on, it was a long overtime baseball game between the New York Mets and the St. Louis Cardinals. It was bottom of the 16th inning and I notice it was a tie game, 0 – 0.

It just so happened to catch my attention of watching a late overtime game and seeing that the game time was a whole 6 hours and a half before it ended. While I was watching the announcers had told us 3 things you could do in under 3 hours, fly from Miami to Seattle, cook a 12 – 18 lbs turkey, and watch the 6 last episodes of 24.

The game finally got a score in the 19th inning one for each team and then in the 20th, the Mets score again and win the game it was a long game, sort of like 3 games for the price of one!

Baseball Game

Today when I went to a baseball game here in St. Petersburg, FL, I was at the Tropicana Stadium and the home team was the Rays playing against the away team, the Orioles. It was the top of the 2nd inning and one of the Orioles was up at bat. The Rays pitcher throws the ball and the batter hits a home run along the 3rd baseline.

We all know people try to get a home run ball after it’s hit for a souvenir, well this one person gets the ball and everyone around them was shouting “Throw the ball back!”  After a moment’s quick hesitation, they threw the ball back onto the field. Right at that moment, people around the stadium were cheering for their “Heroic actions” one could say.

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