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Small Business is America’s Backbone

Let’s all try to keep America “small”

Hooray for Hollywood

Hollywood is where you can find famous actors and actresses in Beverly Hills. Hollywood is where you can walk down hollywood boulevard. Hollywood has many opprotunities to do various activities. I walked down hollywood boulevard and saw names and names as far as the eye can see. Most of them I didn’t even know. The big hollywood sign is big but i never got to see that for myself. Cailfornia overall is a really nice place with great weather on the west coast. If you have the chance to visit, don’t hesitate to stop by.

The Real Financial Situation

I got this email from a friend showing me real time stats about the United States financial situation. It is the U.S. Debt Clock and is very informative but at the same time very scary (especially for my generation).

I hope that we can come together as a country and put an end to this crisis or at least lower it to something more manageable. I realize a little about the government having to borrow money, but think this really needs to be controlled.

How can we get this under control? If you have ideas, pass them along to others. Maybe someone will get the idea we are in financial danger.

Presidental Dollar coins

Because they are done making State Quaters they have decided to make Presidental Coins each worth 1$. They started making them in 2007 and will be finished in 2015 and are making them in presidental order

washington-gold-dollar      Presidential Dollar Coin Reverse

The 50 State Quarters, and then some.

I’m up to 48 of the 50 Commemorative State Quarters set. I recently found out there are 6 additional quarters for the set as well.  The six extra ones are, Guam, D.C., Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Virgin Islands and Northern Mariana Islands. I’m not sure where the last ones are but I guess they are part of America because they are added in this set. How many have you collected?

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