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Garden Guardian

I stepped out to water the garden this morning and as soon as I walked around the corner I met this little (?) guy with a surprise!

I thought about moving him but read that they are good for keeping pests away. After I went to put the camera away, he was gone. I guess his short period of sunning was over. Looks like I’ll have to be a bit more careful when working around the plants when they mature.

Tired of staring at your computer screen all day?

Well, if it makes you feel any better, I agree with you!

Stay in school, learn your grammar

Random Animal Fact

Did you know that around 12,000 b.c. wolves were the first animals to be domesticated, or tamed? They helped people to hunt for food. These tamed wolves were the ancestors of today’s dogs.

Dogs loving to play ball

Why is it that dogs always love to chase anything that is green, sphyrical, and bounces? When I always play ball with my dog he loves to play but when he starts to get tired and lay down with the ball I’d go pick up the ball from him and he jolt right up ready to go after I throw it. He always seems to have enough energy for 1 more throw. And I had these remote control cars I was playing with at the same time and I’d put the ball in the back and let my dog chase after it and he’d be chasing it like crazy twisting and turning. It was just absolutely hilarious!

Helping others out, like Turtles

We’re driving down the road and notice something large in front of us ahead. It was a big turtle slowly making it’s way across. We stopped and helped it across so it would not get hurt by any cars.

Helping this small creature made me think of this video. I bet this kid would have done the same thing,

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