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It’s a Tomato…and a Pepper!

The first thing I saw today when I went to water the plants was a tomato right in the middle of the plant. It’s green, but it’s a start. hopefully there will be more than one this season too.

Also, A small pepper has appeared on the pepper plant. The green beans have so many little beans on them showing already too. Once these vegetables start growing, they just keep getting bigger and bigger so fast.

As for the herbs, the Basil is growing good as usual, the Dill is moving right along and for some reason the Cilantro is a slow grower this year. Can’t explain why, but I hope it takes off soon.

Rain Saves Money, Works For Me

While the garden is continuing to grow, I get a break from having to manually water it with the hose today because it is finally raining. The weather man has been “promising” rain in the forecast all week but today is actually the first significant amount we’ve gotten so I get to stay in and watch the rain feed the garden.

Growth continues

While watering the garden this morning, I noticed the Dill is up as well as the Cilantro. Also the tomato plant is flowering already. The green beans, well they’re growing like crazy. 

Won’t be long before we’re enjoying fresh herbs and vegetables!

Seeds Turning to Sprouts

It’s been a week and already the green beans have sprouted. I guess that’s why I like them. they taste good and they grow just as well. Not sure if it was the couple of heavy rain storms we had or just my green thumb, but I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing and hope that the snake keeps the pests away!

Garden Guardian

I stepped out to water the garden this morning and as soon as I walked around the corner I met this little (?) guy with a surprise!

I thought about moving him but read that they are good for keeping pests away. After I went to put the camera away, he was gone. I guess his short period of sunning was over. Looks like I’ll have to be a bit more careful when working around the plants when they mature.

Home Grown is How We Roll

A little late as usual, but not terribly late to start this year’s garden.

I went to the home improvement store and picked up some seeds and seedlings. This year’s garden will be sporting Tomatoes, Banana Peppers, Basil, Cilantro, Dill and Green Beans.

While prepping the soil for planting, I dug up what appeared to be Sweet Potatoes from last year’s garden that I somehow missed. So, I made room for those too.

Got everything planted just in time too, as the rain started to pour right when I got the seeds in the ground. Let’s hope that’s a good sign!

Random Fact about Galileo

Did you know that Galileo Galilei, a professor at the University of Padua and one of the most famous scientists in Italy, invented the first thermometer? It contained air sealed in a tube by water. The air expanded when it got warm, moving the water level up.

Cool project!

Today at school I did this neat experiment with a piece of paper, 6 inches of tape, a ruler, and a pair of scissors. With those materials I was able to make four pillars and tightly made the pillars so thick that I could hold up 23 text books in class. And at home I tried it again and was able to support about  150 pounds with a piece of paper with just those 4 simple materials. If you want you could try it for yourself and make it the best you could.

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