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How to Pay Your Bills The Greener Way:

The economic advantages of paying bills online are obvious: You save the 41-cent cost of a stamp plus the cost of a check. A typical family can save $8- or more per year by going online to pay bills, according to data from NACHA-the Electronic Payments Association, which says the average household receives 20 bills per month.

But do you know the environmental savings? Javelin Strategy & Research estimates (based on a study in 2007) that is all US households viewed and payed their bills online, it would save:

2.3 million tons of wood or 16.5 million trees.

1.6 billion pounds of solid waste or 56,000 fully loaded garbage trucks.

26 million BTUs of energy - enough to provide residential energy to the city of San Francisco for a year.

Javelin reports that 53% of US households now do some banking online, but that the rate of growth of online banking and bill-paying has slowed.

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