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Litterbugs Have No Consideration For Our Planet

Everyday, weather permitting, my children and I like to go for a bicycle ride.
Normally they like to collect aluminum cans to recycle and help the environment
as well. On this day in particular it was quite warm outside. We had to stop more
than usual for water breaks. It just disgusts me and saddens my children to see
what people do to our's (and their) planet. Keep in mind, these pictures are not
very close to the road. The trash is a bit further away from the road than people
usually dump out their car windows which means they had to be walking or
riding a bicycle. What a bunch of dirty people!

aluminum cans, recycle, recycling, environment, green water

While stopped for a water break, we noticed aluminum cans in the water

aluminum cans, green glass, plastics, recycle, recycling, environment

The same day we stopped again and noticed a LOT
of trash someone dumped to the side of the trail

aluminum cans, recycle, recycling, environment

Although my children like to pick up cans while on our bike rides, there is
only so much we can carry on our bicycles. The photo above shows just a
portion of the aluminum cans they collected on
only 6 or 7 bike rides. If you
notice, the cans are crushed flat to make more room. It is just a shame we
cannot get all of the trash we see every time. We hope that some people
visiting this page will realize how bad others treat our planet
and start to pitch in and help others take notice too.

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